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Have you ever wondered about the safety of your microwave?

Old or faulty door seals are the most common causes of microwave radiation leakage. Mechanical abuse, a build-up of dirt, or simple wear and tear from continued use can cause door seals to be less effective. Home Appliance Repair will test your microwave and make sure you and your family are safe!
Refrigerator Condensor Cleaning

Have your condenser cleaned today! Improve efficiency of your refrigeration unit, reduce operating costs, and keep your food fresher, longer!

Prevent Home Fires… Call our Professional Dryer Duct Cleaning Service

In Canada it is recommended that all North American style clothes dryers be internally cleaned by a qualified appliance technician. The Government of Ontario recommends that this service be done every year to remove lint from the duct and interior. As you know from cleaning out your lint filter, dryers produce very large quantities of lint. Most people assume their lint traps catch all the lint, however, a significant amount of it is not caught by the lint trap and builds up inside the dryer - even on the heating element housing, gas burner housing and in other places inside the dryer, causing it to overheat and possibly catch fire.

A clean dryer interior and exhaust duct also extends the life of your dryer and lowers energy consumption and operating costs.

Many fires can be prevented with proper dryer duct cleaning. Call us now at 1–866–211–2937 or fill out our online request service form.