Terms and Conditions


There are various factors that decide the length of time it takes to assess and complete an installation/ repair. Technicians/Installers vary in their level of experience, skill, preparedness, and speed, resulting in a potential variance between the time each technician/installer takes to complete a repair/installation, thereby resulting in a disadvantage of higher labour cost for some customers on some repairs/installations. To prevent that and ensure consistently fair and equitable charges for all customers always, HARGTA charges FLAT RATE LABOUR from the Major Appliance Repair Rate Guide. THIS PROTECTS THE CUSTOMER FROM PAYING MORE FOR THE LENGTH OF TIME OR NUMBER OF TRIPS THE TECHNICIAN/INSTALLER TAKES TO COMPLETE THE REPAIR/INSTALLATION.

No Hidden Fees

Our service is charged out in four possible categories where applicable.


Service Call/Inspection/Diagnostic Charge is a NON-REFUNDABLE FEE that covers the technician’s/installer’s trip to the service/installation address, the inspection/diagnosis, and a written estimate for the repair/installation. This fee is due upon completion of the diagnosis/inspection and is applied as a credit to the total cost of the repair/installation if the customer approves the quote/estimate. If the customer does not want to go ahead with the repair/installation, the fee is the cost of our service. The SERVICE CALL/INSPECTION/DIAGNOSTIC CHARGE is guaranteed for a period of 30 calendar days from its completion date.


In order ensure consistently fair and equitable charges, HARGTA charges FLAT RATE LABOUR from the Major Appliance Repair Rate Guide. The FLAT RATE LABOUR is determined by the part(s) being adjusted, cleaned, repaired, replaced or educated on.


Parts price and applicable taxes will be will be quoted and approved by customer before replacement, and in cases where part(s) is/are not available on the technician's truck and must be ordered, collected for upon approval before replacement/ordering can be done. A twenty (20) % re-stocking fee will be deducted from refunds for parts orders that are cancelled after the order has been placed.


Miscellaneous charges may apply where necessary for materials/supplies that are not included in the part/flat rate labour price, e.g., freight, special equipment, re-stocking fee, re & re, fuel surcharge, etc. All charges will be pointed out and explained prior to the commencement of any work.


Our Industry Leading 5-year Parts Guarantee.

HARGTA. "Give You More of What You Need" by extending your part and labour warranty for a period well above and beyond industry standards. We guarantee all parts (installed by us) in full for the period provided by the parts distributor (three months or 1 year depending on the distributor). In addition to that, all parts installed by us that fail within five years of the installation date, will be offered to the customer at a 50% discount (must be installed by HARGTA technician). This will only apply if the customer approves the quote and the repair is being completed by a representative of HARGTA. Note: A 20% (non-refundable) re-stocking fee will be applied against all refunds for cancelled parts orders. This offer cannot be combined with any other special offer, discount, promotion or contest.

90 Day labour guarantee

Labour is guaranteed for 90 calendar days from the date of repair completion (sixty days above industry standard). The 90-calendar day labour guarantee is limited to the original workmanship of the repair completed by HARGTA technician, and is not a whole product warranty. Should the appliance malfunction within the 90-calendar day period after it was repaired, simply contact our office before the 90-day period has elapsed and we will be happy to dispatch a technical representative to investigate the malfunction(s) at no charge. You will be quoted for all costs to repair the issue if it is caused by a different reason than the one we repaired.

Should a HARGTA technical representative investigate the malfunction(s) and find secondary issue(s) unrelated to the workmanship performed by HARGTA, s/he will provide you with a full report which outlines the fault(s) contributing to the secondary failure and provide you with a quote on the cost(s) associated with the repair. Repairs unrelated to the original fault which occur within the 90-calendar day labour warranty are chargeable to the customer at our regular flat rate fee.

Repair/Installation Date and ETA

While HARGTA respects and values each customer’s time and will make every effort to accommodate time and date requests, there may be times when for various reasons we are unable to accommodate a date or time request, or even fail to keep a promised date or time. Please exercise patience and be sure that we will be doing everything possible to accommodate, and will be dedicating as much time as is needed to get your job done right. Please understand and accept that date and time requests are subject to operational challenges, and may not always be possible to be accommodated. HARTGA will make every effort to inform customers of late arrivals and rescheduled appointments as soon as that information becomes apparent, and will not be offering monetary compensation/refunds/ discounts in such cases.