Protection Plan

After a breakdown of a major appliance, the thing you need most of all (aside from the repair itself, of course) is the reassurance that comes from knowing your appliance is in good hands. We almost forget how dependant we are on our appliances until we are without them, and feeling secure knowing that future repair needs are already taken care of is worth a lot. What do you get when you ask for our Protection Plan? Here’s a look:

  • Guaranteed satisfaction – if we can’t repair it, we’ll replace it!
  • No-lemon Warranty
  • Preventive inspection
  • Protection against power surges
  • Protection against frozen food losses
  • Product failure due to rust, including racks and baskets in dishwashers, drums in dryers and tubs in washers
  • Parts and labour coverage up to 4 additional years
  • Service offered evenings and weekends (where available)
  • 10% off parts and labour from participating service centres
  • No hidden fees or deductibles
  • Transferable from one owner to the next without charge
  • Service available throughout North America
  • Repaired to the manufacturer’s specifications
  • Underwritten by a Canadian insurance company

Our Protection Plan is our promise to you that once our repair team leaves your home, they’re leaving you with peace of mind. If unfortunately another appliance fails on you, we will be back promptly to restore your standard of living, without you having to worry about future costs. It’s our way of standing behind our work as an Appliance Repair Company You Can Trust!

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Condenser Cleaning

As a refrigerator gets older, the condenser coils normally accumulate dust and dirt, which makes it harder for them to do their jobs releasing heat to keep your food cold and fresh. This leads to higher energy consumption and the compressor having to work harder and harder. Eventually it could even fail altogether, which means either costly repairs or a whole new appliance. By getting your condenser cleaned, you can help keep your food fresher for longer, extend the life of your fridge and reduce your home energy consumption, all in one fell swoop! Our professional repair team will make sure that your fridge is running as smoothly and efficiently as possible for a flat fee of $149.95 plus tax.

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Oven Door Cleaning

Having trouble seeing through your oven door? After a few years of regular use, occasional spills can lead to a buildup of grime and dirt inside the door itself, getting between the layers of glass and obstructing the view. This is inconvenient, but it is also unsightly. As clean and shiny as the outside of your stove and oven may be, the stubborn dirt inside the door can make your kitchen look messy no matter how much cleaning you do. For $149.95, our professional cleaners will disassemble your oven door, give it a thorough clean inside and out, and put it all back together again, looking as good as the day you brought it home. Need more than one oven door cleaned? No problem! Additional doors are just $59.

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Dryer Duct Cleaning

For a flat rate of $149.95, we will make sure that your dryer’s ducts are clean and free of any debris; keeping your home, and you safe. No matter how conscientiously you clean out the lint trap in your dryer, the duct work of your dryer can accumulate a dangerous amount of clothing lint if not cleaned periodically. The combination of heat and dryness in some parts of your dryer could spell disaster when combined with such a build-up of lint. While they are there, our team of professionals will perform a detailed inspection of the dryer and its ducts, looking for signs of lint build-up or components that need may need to be repaired or replaced. Damaged duct work can be repaired or replaced for $39.95, and a thorough interior cleaning of the dryer, including disassembly and re-assembly, costs an additional $59.

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